this is the story about how I got my new Nintendo 2DS™XL Hyilan Shield edition. Not interesting, I know, but I’ll blab about it anyway because ⎼other than it’s not interesting⎼ why not?

first of all, I’ll answer the question before anyone asks, yes, I already have the Nintendo 3DS™XL Super Smash Bros edition, and yes, it is still working hella fine and smooth and have a few digital games in it. It’s perfect… until I read that Nintendo will release the new Nintendo 2DS™XL Hyilan Shield edition

the new Nintendo 2DS™XL has been around for about 1 year (or more), according to wikipedia it was released in Australia and New Zealand on 15 June 2017, in Japan and South Korea on 13 July 2017, and in North America and Europe on 28 July 2017.

and yeah, I know that it will came out around that time since Im in love with Nintendo,  I always follow the news. so why didn’t I bought it earlier?

well, here’s the thing about me buying things. I didn’t see why would I want that, honestly, I mean even I didn’t buy the new Nintendo 3DS™XL, although, I will if.. (we’ll get there in next post)

I mean, if my current console is still working fine, I really don’t see why should I buy the almost same stuff with more or less same functionality just in a different model. I saw the news about new Nintendo 2DS™XL, it comes with a different style and thinner and it basically the new Nintendo 3DS™XL only without the 3D ability (obviously), it is stylish, less heavy, and also cheaper, so it is a really good deal.

I already have the older model, so I thought I wouldn’t buy it, there’s a lotta temptation to buy the newest model, but I kept it, hello, im an adult, I can differentiate which one is necessary and which one is not.

but not so long, until I’ve read that Nintendo will release Zelda edition and it’s the new Nintendo 2DS™XL Hylian Shield edition (oh my goodness) with pre-installed game : the Legend of Zelda – A Link between worlds (it was also my first game on my Nintendo 3DS™XL, so it’s kinda cute if my second 3ds/2ds family has the same first game. Cheesy. I know) , it said that it will come around July 2018, and so my head full of it ever since.

I live in Indonesia, I know for sure that it will come pretty much later here and probably a bit pricey, but who cares? For so long I kept the desire to buy almost every Zelda theme hardware(s) because I already have the regular edition, so I barely have any reason to buy the Zelda special edition

I’ve checked on ebay, it was still on pre-order, and the price was REALLY high, I mean, HIGH, so I checked to the local e-commerce, it was still on pre-order too. Im not a fan to pre-order stuff (unless a certain something), because its uncertainty and I honestly don’t really know the seller, so for the sake of safety, I did not pre-order it.

until last week (more or less), I’ve checked the website of a particular game store, and it shows the beauty, it shows the mighty new Nintendo 2DS™XL Hylian Shield edition, and it was freaking me out. I stumbled into a well of thoughts, should I buy it? Should I not? I want to buy it really bad, but that particular game store is kinda far from home, so I checked my fav game store website (the one that closer from home), and I saw no sign of new Nintendo 2DS™XL, but if I didn’t buy it, it will probably sold out immediately. gee. what should I do?

my husband knew about it and said “Just buy it” and I was like “mmm ok, next month?” then he looked at me and he was smirking! He knows me too well, he knows that I couldn’t hold the temptation to buy it right here right now. But I tried my best, I held it.

a week later, I visited my favorite game store website, I saw it! The new Nintendo 2DS™XL Hylian Shield edition is available there! Oh Gosh I wanted it so freakin bad. I saw my husband smilin at me and he said “Let’s go to the game store”, and I was like “Ok, but I will not buy it now, if we go to the game store, we  will only buy PES 2019”

my husband laughed (he knows me too well)

we both know what would happen, he knew I couldn’t wait. So then we went to the game store, and he bought me the new Nintendo 2DS™XL Hylian Shield edition without any hesitation. Im so happy, super excited and feel blessed. It may sounds exaggerating but I really do feel that way. for a fan like me, it really means a lot.

I can never thank him enough. Ich liebe dich mein Mann :*


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