Happy Lebaran!

First – This is my 2nd Idul Fitri as a wife, still can’t believe it though, it feels magical and I really thankful for it. I have a super caring husband, I love him so much, kinda wondering though, if he knows how much I love him, since I ain’t an expert of showing how I feel, Yeah,,, I am not a romantic kinda wife.

Second – I’m 26! for God sake…. feel really old already! As I grow older, I’ve met so many problems and choices (ridiculously hard choices) uuuh, I still am nervous yet excited about what will happen next.

Third – As I have a really new page in me. So I decide to create this blog instead of keep writing in old blog, beside, wordpress give a refreshing vibe for me, though 😀 I’m planning to write everything on this blog, I’ll write when I feel happy, mad, confused, sad, undecided, nervous, excited, etc. Will treat this one as a bucket of my weird-silly thought/opinion. Let’s hope that I will discipline to write as often as  I can. This blog contents will be in Indonesian and English (Most likely Indonesian), and probably in a language that I currently learning (still a long way though).

Fourth –  Really2 into gaming nowadays, just realize that people in gaming are really humble and funny, I embrace my passion about pop culture, and I don’t care if people think that I am a weird, btw, I hope I’ll have the opportunity to going to a proper comic con, remembering my previous comic con was no good.

Anyway, Mohon maaf lahir batin, and Happy Idul fitry everyone!


guten Abend

Soon I’ll start to do something that’s unpopular (?)

already discuss this with husband several times, we went back and forth and finally we’ve made the decision.

He’s trusting me in what I’ll do, and supporting me (like he trusts me more than I trust myself), he keep telling me that all I need to do is to focus on my goals, give the dedication on it, and being persistence

I don’t know if I can handle the social pressure, people’s opinion and stuff, but if I have the luxury to choose, I don’t think it is wise to miss the opportunity to do so.

I’m so excited and also nervous.

really need to thank him for giving me such a luxury to pursue my dreams :D. I have to cook even better (or special) dish for each and everyday.