So today is literally a week after my last day from a previous company, yes, I am having a sabbatical, yes I’ve mentioned it in my previous post 😀

I am taking it because of reasons, and my husband convince me that I deserve it since I’ve never get any, which is true, right after I graduated, I solely go to work, and so on and so on and so on, until I am here.

I will take some online courses just to make my brain healthy and not let it shrinks 😀 and for my (other) preparation too, my husband calls it Investing on yourself.

At first I was so afraid for having a sabbatical, and I questioned myself,  will I stressed? Will I feel bored to death? Because, you know, get your arse out of routine somehow felt scary. I then talked with my husband that I can do the juggling without give up my job, but umm… I believe I sounded unsure when I talked to him 😀 , then he said that the juggling now is different, it is too much, there are additional responsibilities and if I bite more than I can chew, that’ll bad for my sanity. He then helps me creating goals for my sabbatical and encouraging me to be a writer, which is my dream since I was little, the dream that’s been buried for a long time, but he dug it, and bring it back to me.

This morning I had my tea, and have my heart feel blessed, for having a Man that always support and believe me more than I believe myself, and I never thank him enough for it. Ich liebe dich, mein Mann :*


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