hari ini Chester Bennington took his own life, his death is all over the internet, and some says that this was because of depression.

I was a kind of person that didn’t believe in such thing, I mean, Suicide? really? and… depression? I was a kind of person that always thinking that everything has its way out, there’s no way to feel depressed or such, besides, I don’t dare to hurt myself, suicide must be really painful and I don’t want to feel hurt.

but again, that was me, until I had a dream about me being depressed and I decide to take my life. I wasn’t afraid about the process and the pain of suicide, I was only thinking about how to end the feeling of the depression, because I couldn’t handle it anymore, and the answer is suicide. when I woke up, I felt a really weird feeling, that I am afraid if one day I’ll really have that feeling : Depression. this is serious thing, and no one deserves to be depressed.

we’ll always love you, Chester, thank you for helping me through my days with your music.


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