ok, it’s almost two weeks since I bought several physical books that were translated to Bahasa Indonesia.

to be really honest, the feeling of having physical books in my bookshelf was a nice one, but reading in one though, kinda a different story. for comic books or manga, especially in series, when I have all of them series and I want to read it in one go, I had to gather them in one place so I can continuously read it without being interrupted by searching for the next book, and for having a pile of book in my bed? that was certainly not a really comfortable thing. same with the Novel one, it was so thick and it was a kinda nuisance to read in the first 100 pages, because the imbalance of the book weight that was so stark that it was kinda annoying, and the annoyance reduce after more or less 100 pages.

so yeah, think I’m gonna stick to e-book.


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