halo dari saya yang abis jajan impulsive sekali bulan ini.

I sometimes pretty judgmental toward people who spend to many unessential and luxury stuff. and the fact that I bought something that kinda unnecessarily expensive (for me) makes me feel guilty (till this time). But if I am about to use that stuff for many-many years, it’s not that expensive. really. that fact is that I need to buy that stuff since the stuff that I have for the last 8 years has been detoriated and levas crumbs in my bag. literal crumbs. so I thought to buy a new one and a better quality since I will not buy another one in I dont know… 10 years? because it’s a hassle for me to buy that kinda stuff, and I am not into fashion. so… functional it is

but… I also want something that is pretty to my eyes, and if I’m gonna throw quite a number for that stuff…. I need to like it, correct? soooo… yeah, it’s kinda the most expensive essential stuff that I bought this month, and I needed to convince mysefl that I deserved to have it

I’m so judgy toward people, and I am toward myself. But I dont want to do that anymore. so I am gonna free myself from this gulity feeling and say….

It’s okay to buy expensive thing once in a while and use it well.


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