ayow, I’ve finished the online course I enrolled a month ago! yeay! it’s actually just google data analytics certification, I know it’s not a big deal (as it is really basic anyway) but I can say that I’m happy with it, I mean, look, I didn’t quit and use the “I’m bored” card excuse. Anyhow, finishing this course giving me courage to go back to code, so my other milestone during this quarantine is to sharpen up my coding skill. yeah, I’m gonna use python since it’s a kinda languange that have a place in my heart. haha

and I just love the visual studio code, i know, python lovers probably gonna say “Just use pycharm”, well, probably later if I start to see the need to do so, for now, I’m still happy with VS code, and oh I’ve been using github to record my progress, it’s kinda nice by the way, to have a github page and actually fill it with my code even though it’s just for learning phase.

ah, in the GDA course, i learned how to use R, it’s interesting, though I still haven’t memorize all the syntax and kinda still confused and mixed it up with python and get a lot of error code. ha!

so, me? back to coding? it’s a little bit bizzare for me to do this since if we backtrack to my career, I’ve never have “Coding” in my Job description, on contrary, I love doing it, I just…. suck at it? so O have no confidence to apply as an Engineer. but now I have literally plenty of time to learn, so I choose to go back to code.

hopefully I won’t do it halfway (fingers crossed)


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