Social media is scary for those who are not ready, I read it somewhere and as the tweets go, people tend to try to impress others by bragging on Social medias at the level of faking. Instagram seems to be that one platform that makes (most) people do that.

What’s wrong?
I don’t know, but people have these tendencies to feel “Im happier than you” – “I’m richer than you” – “Im smarter than you”

I know some people that’s trying so hard, like they don’t have the money but yet the travel just to have a good pic on Instagram,

I sometimes (mostly when Im bored) stalking to an old friend of mine on instagram, and why is that?
it’ because her page is AWESOME, I mean, some kinda comedy probably? or self destruction mode? Well, her page literally destroys her reputation, but I think she thought it as a cool thing, but again, I don’t really know. It’s becoming a hot issue within my small circle of friends, we’re asking “Why did she does that?” all answers leads to “Probably she wants everybody to see her as a coolest/happiest person”

yap, that’s probably it.
but again, it’s me on a boring mode at the level of “Stalking an old friend” haha

I want to tell her not to do that, but who am I anyway to go into someone else’s backyard. so, let me just sit here and enjoy the instagram stories.

so shallow rin, so shallow.

come on, we all need our shallow time, sometimes.


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