Happy Lebaran!

First – This is my 2nd Idul Fitri as a wife, still can’t believe it though, it feels magical and I really thankful for it. I have a super caring husband, I love him so much, kinda wondering though, if he knows how much I love him, since I ain’t an expert of showing how I feel, Yeah,,, I am not a romantic kinda wife.

Second – I’m 26! for God sake…. feel really old already! As I grow older, I’ve met so many problems and choices (ridiculously hard choices) uuuh, I still am nervous yet excited about what will happen next.

Third – As I have a really new page in me. So I decide to create this blog instead of keep writing in old blog, beside, wordpress give a refreshing vibe for me, though 😀 I’m planning to write everything on this blog, I’ll write when I feel happy, mad, confused, sad, undecided, nervous, excited, etc. Will treat this one as a bucket of my weird-silly thought/opinion. Let’s hope that I will discipline to write as often as  I can. This blog contents will be in Indonesian and English (Most likely Indonesian), and probably in a language that I currently learning (still a long way though).

Fourth –  Really2 into gaming nowadays, just realize that people in gaming are really humble and funny, I embrace my passion about pop culture, and I don’t care if people think that I am a weird, btw, I hope I’ll have the opportunity to going to a proper comic con, remembering my previous comic con was no good.

Anyway, Mohon maaf lahir batin, and Happy Idul fitry everyone!



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